I needed this blog to remind me who we all are

I needed this blog to publish my creative whims

I needed this blog to find souls like myself

I needed this blog to fill my empty moments

I don’t need this blog anymore though. I was posting about what I believed in and not what I was being and living and doing. That’s all I’m at right now. To be. I don’t really talk to my dear friends on tumblr anymore, I don’t post so much anymore. But I don’t won’t deactivate or stop posting or stop connecting. I keep this blog running to remind others what I remind myself daily, constantly. My previous self image issues and anxieties has flowed down the river and I am living cordially. My light body activation is at who knows what stage but I trust it :) I hope you all are good and fine. I actually miss you

Much love, Nina

Wood Nymph

There’s something magical in the trees. I know you know, I know I’ve always known. This clearly presents itself solid proof when you go to a forest. It demands your presence and mindfulness, like it or not your are thrust into a state of determined attention and you start to notice everything. The rustling of the leaves in your veins and the textures of the treetops in your hair and the bark like qualities of people’s skin and when your thoughts come to a halt and the sounds of the forest engulf you, you finally hear the roaring screaming whisper of the cosmos dancing.

It was so intense today when I was in the woods. I was taking pictures and my mother and her boyfriend where ahead of me, I was alone on the trek and glad to be. I was feeling so rejoiced and my internal was evaporating. The gentle steady hum of every living thing around me started to pulsate and before I knew it every single thing was vibrating including myself. Words can’t explain the state I was in (yes it was like I was in a state rather than a place). I was taken aback by this unexpected turn of events but I had no fear. I knew that Mother Gaia was sending me her love and energy. There I stood receptive and grateful. I promise to come back again as soon as I can. Wilderness awaits <3