So I had the most perfect day yesterday! I had a sudden longing to mingle with nature (which isn’t easy cause jakarta has no wilderness left) so I contacted my friend and surprisingly enough he wanted to go too! And all my friends were up early, a very rare feat. So the four of us drove up to the mountains and smoked a joint on the trail and smoked another in the rain, sitting on the rocks beneath a waterfall (under an umbrella) then we went swimming in the waterfall. I stood directed beneath the waterfall and felt it cleanse me internally. I felt my chakras open up before the power of the rushing water and purify within me. I felt like a lot of pollution was exalted out of me and into the stream flowing along with the river.  Twas such a magical experience. When I arrived home I watched across the universe and fell asleep, I remember when I was really drowsy I told myself “please wake up in time to go to aztec.” Aztec is where me and my friends hang. I awoke at midnight and my friends were heading there and one of them picked me up. I had a beautiful time there, something that hasn’t happened in a while due to my anxieties. I woke up with the best feeling in my heart and I was so glad I acted upon my impulse and decided to go to the mountain :) 

You know what kills you and makes you feel all rotten in side? 

Not following your heart. 

Don’t believe me? 

How does it feels after you’ve done something you know is wrong? 

Intrinsically you feel burdened, guilty.

Negative thoughts clamor around your head and they haunt you 

Need another example?

How do you feel when you ponder about achievements you wish you’ve achieved?

Surely not fulfillment, joy and gratitude. 

It’s because of your inaction

You desire and yet you do not act

It’s not just about not getting the things you want 

It would be much better to set down your wishes 

But you can’t now can you?

And yet you take no steps in materializing them 

So basically the idea is

Do what is right

Do what you want

Stop intrinsic procrastination

Stop ignoring your morals

And live in peace with your Self